We care about the safety and security of children.  By entering this exhibition and signing the parent permission form, parents and guardians are agreeing that the image, voice and name of the student may be made public and given published public recognition. Photos of students will be sent to the media with press releases about accomplishments and the name of the hometown unless you add a statement to your application paper requesting your name withheld. In addition home addresses or zip codes may be given to local museums or your local politician (to honor you in the correct jurisdiction) unless you request otherwise on your AHFP application statement.

When films are submitted by teachers and parents via email, a parent or teacher creates a YouTube channel and uploads the student video to Google.  At that point the YouTube/Google PRIVACY statement is in effect.  A parent/teacher is advised to withhold last names from YouTube project descriptions and the ending credits within the video, but some parents wishing full publicity and assuming such risks opt to type the full names. When your film for exhibition is selected we repost it onto our YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media pages.  Their PRIVACY rules govern.

AHFP Music Policy Statement

All students must seek to use royalty free or original music.  In their film credits (at the end of the film) they must list the musician name, title of song, song writer, and music publisher.  If they wrote their own lyrics, it should be stated. The use of other’s music must be in line with the YouTube MUSIC POLICY and the current policies set by the copyright holder.