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Hayward Library History

This film by Jannah is about the Hayward Library in Hayward, CA. The film also shows what the new library is going to look like after they tear down the old one. It also goes into great detail about the history of the library from current librarians.

The American History Film Project is an multi-disciplinary educational project that teaches students to research, write, plan, act, film and edit a short film about the history of their local community, and then share it with other kids across the USA.

By the end of the project students will have created a short film (under 10 minutes) to share with their school, their local community and other schools across the United States.

Through the American History Film Project, students, under the direction of an adult, will learn to work together as a team towards this common goal.

Through working on this project, students will learn history in a hands-on approach.

The American History Film Project will give each student the chance to find some of their own abilities. Some students will be better at acting, others writing, yet others, behind the scenes doing everything from filming and editing, budgeting and prop management.

By connecting with other schools across the country, students will learn the importance of their own community in the whole of United States.

The American History Film Project is open to any school (public or private) home school co-op or after school program (YMCA, or Boys and Girls Clubs, for example) that would like to participate.


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